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Closing 45 deals with DealBuilder

Read how Chinook Business Advisory used DealBuilder to optimize its brokerage, reducing overhead by $60K, while still closing 45 deals in one year.

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We moved 100% of our engagements onto the DealBuilder platform and have received accolades from our clients for digital CIM presentations, ease of use, and standardization.
-Keith MacKenzie, Managing Broker

Case Study

Chinook Business Advisory

Mainstreet Business Brokerage

Based in Canada, Chinook is a full-service business brokerage focusing on transactions between $1M and $10M. It's biggest issue? Chinook had a serious bandwidth problem. Even with a full-time admin!

After implementing DealBuilder, Chinook was able to onboard clients faster, generate CIMs within days, to quickly get deals in-front of buyers. The results speak for themselves: 

$43M closed in 2023 (45 deals)
147 average days on market
Reduced $60,000 in admin costs
5 brokers (3 full-time 2 part-time)
Different kind of chocolates displayed in a chocolate shop.

The long and short of it is this: after our initial contact with the DealBuilder team, our business was sold for our asking price in less than four months.

Case Study

Chocolate Shop

Two Full Price Offers in Five Days

The owner of this Chocolate Shop spent the time needed to prepare to sell, they invested in the process, they added personal details, and they moved fast. The result? Two buyers felt comfortable enough to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) within a week of listing. This is a testament to the trust the owners created in a short amount of time.

Received two full price offers in 5 days
Deal closed in under 4 months

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What our clients are saying

We estimate that we will save up to $60,000 in overhead this year due to the efficiencies DealBuilder brings to our 8 person advisory firm.

Keith MacKenzie
Founder, Chinook

I've built my system to try to focus more on my strengths of meeting with people than working at the computer which has allowed me to compete with larger firms from the start. DealBuilder is a big part of that for me. I hope for a long and fruitful relationship of collaboration.

Brian A
Business Broker, Transworld
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“When I decided to sell my business I was dreading the task of pulling everything together in order to advertise.

I connected with Morgan at DealBuilder and within one phone meeting we had completed a draft of the CIM template. I was then able to take some time to edit what we’d written and add important details to encourage a sale.

Morgan was pleasant and easy to work with. He was also readily available to answer any questions and provide support, as needed, throughout the process.

Within one month of listing I had connected with a prospective buyer and 3 months later I had wrapped up the sale.

I am extremely grateful to DealBuilder for making this much easier than I anticipated.

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“I am very happy with my experience selling my business on the DealBuilder platform. I received a large volume of buyer inquiries immediately and received my first offer within 12 days.

When I first planned on selling my business, I thought I could do it without any support. But now that I have gone through the process - I was relieved to have the DealBuilder team there to support me along the way. They certainly added value!

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“The long and the short of it is this: after our initial contact with the DealBuilder team, our business was sold for our asking price in less than 4 months.

The process was smooth - largely due to DealBuilder's knowledge of how small enterprises work. While we simply provided a description of our business, DealBuilder got the word out to bona fide prospects. We received inquiries from many parties, one of which gave us a Letter of Intent (LOI) and a deposit.

Not only was the process smooth, but the approach taken by DealBuilder was also highly professional and fluid. And, relative to the sale price, their fee was small. Whether you own the space or lease, for any business looking to sell, we would highly recommend DealBuilder.

Hannah Nixon
Mike Lenz
Morgan Tate
Keith MacKenzie
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DealBuilder was co-founded by a team of business brokers after years of experience successfully selling hundreds of businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the on-boarding process take?

Sellers: it depends on how motivated you are to sell! We aren’t going to lie, we require some work from you before we can put your business in-front of buyers. If you’re motivated and organized, we can have your business on the market in 1-2 weeks.

Who helps me with the sale of my business?

When you on-board with DealBuilder you are matched with a dedicated Deal Manager to assist you throughout the process. Supplementing our Deal Manager is our valuation & writing teams, which help them calculate your valuation and write your buyer presentation. You can think of a Deal Manager as your deal concierge who will make the process as smooth as possible.

How do the fees work? Is there a minimum commitment period?

DealBuilder charges a 5% success fee of the purchase price, which is 2x lower than the typical brokerage fee. Why? We operate as a virtual brokerage, using our proprietary software to reduce our costs, we pass these savings along to our clients.

To list on our platform, you must meet our listing requirements. DealBuilder also charges a $1,000 Engagement Fee, which is deducted from the success fee when your business sells.

Our Engagement Agreements have a 3-month commitment period, after that, your Engagement Agreement is month-to-month.

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