Our mission is to increase the success of the business-for-sale marketplace.  

DealBuilder executes on this mission by building technology to superpower business brokers.

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DealBuilder was founded by the partners of Chinook Business Advisory, a traditional M&A firm in Victoria, BC.

The Why

DealBuilder was founded by 3 business brokers who were frustrated with the lack of specialized tools for their profession.

After building a prototype to streamline their internal workflow - their business broker peers took notice. Eventually, these brokers offered to pay for access the platform.

Now, our Co-Founders are no Jeff Bezos (although a few share the haircut), but even they could recognize that when people offer you money for a product = you might have a business on your hands.

Fast-forward to today and they've helped hundreds of brokers close millions of dollars worth of transactions on DealBuilder with less headaches.

The DealBuilder team is excited to continue partnering with business brokers in the journey of helping entrepreneurs successfully sell their businesses.

Meet our founders

Morgan Tate

Morgan Tate


Meet Morgan. He's a swiss army knife, well-versed and educated in just about every topic (except how to digest gluten). He's the one you'll get on the other end of the call, and will be able to answer any and all questions you have. Not just about DealBuilder either, but anything business-related. We think he must have grown up reading encyclopedias and business magazines in his youth. JK, obviously, he's still in his youth.

All joking aside, he's been a driving operational force behind the entire DealBuilder platform. His expertise comes from years of educational experience, being the 3rd employee at Pani Energy, and working as a partner and intermediary at Chinook Business Advisory, a successful business brokerage in Victoria, BC.

In his spare time, (because somehow he still has spare time) Morgan coaches rugby, enjoys a game or two of pingpong and spends time with friends.

Keith MacKenzie

Keith MacKenzie


We think it would be easier to talk about what Keith hasn't done, rather than his list of accomplishments. As an entrepreneur and business intermediary for the past 10 years, he's determined that he *mostly* enjoys working, but if we are being honest, he prefers to be golfing. Keith is the Founder and President of Chinook Business Advisory, a successful business brokerage in Victoria, BC. Wait, we said that already didn't we?

Saying Keith is a serial entrepreneur is an understatement. Since graduating from the Executive MBA program at Royal Roads University, he has owned and operated 10 businesses. He currently owns 3 successful operations, and somehow finds time to hangout with us at DealBuilder every Friday for some whiskey and foosball.

Keith keeps our office fun and running smoothly, with many ping pong breaks thrown in there. If you were to picture the kindest, fairest, funniest leader out there, that would be Keith. Well it would be if you are picturing someone bald…

Mike Lenz

Mike Lenz


Not your average business founder. Mike has an interesting history with business ownership, and you WANT to hear some of his stories. Fun fact about Mike that he is a trained opera singer. You know this about Mike when you're in the office, because his voice and laughter ripples through the walls and it's impossible not to join in.

Mike founded two companies and purchased three more before starting his career as a business intermediary in 2005. In his biggest endeavour, he grew a small printing company operating out of a basement, doing a few hundred in revenue, to sales of more than $5,000,000 and a staff of 25. After many years of service, Mike still goes to work excited with the opportunity to help people see their business and personal aspirations become reality. Also, surprise surprise, he is a partner at the successful brokerage, Chinook Business Advisory.

Mike adds that "something" to the team you can't find anywhere else. His passion for people radiates in everything he does.

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