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Brokers eliminate overhead with DealBuilder

DealBuilder is the most cost-effective back-office solution for your business brokerage. From client on-boarding, writing buyer presentations, financial data entry, to marketing your listing to buyers - DealBuilder has you covered.

The best part? Our unique pricing model means you only pay for DealBuilder when a deal closes.

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What is DealBuilder?

Co-founded by 3 business brokers, we started DealBuilder to make our brokerage more efficient. Starting with a buyer presentation tool, DealBuilder has evolved to become an end-to-end deal management platform, including:

1. Digital buyer presentations & writing service (example here)
2. Business valuation tool
3. Automated NDA management
4. Buyer CRM
5. Due diligence management
6. Buyer network
7. Client on-boarding automation

How it works

In exchange for a 0.5% transaction fee at closing, we complete all back-end work for your deals. That’s right, if the deal doesn’t close - you don’t pay us anything.

Client on-boarding

DealBuilder guides your seller through a custom on-boarding process, from answering your intake questionnaire to uploading due diligence files.

We write your buyer presentation

Using answers from the seller questionnaire, our team writes the first draft of the buyer presentation for your approval.

Advertise directly to buyers

DealBuilder has its own database of buyers, allowing you to get additional buyer exposure to deals added to the platform.

Manage the deal

After normalizing the data, your report is ready to present to your client. This comprehensive report not only contains the business valuation but industry benchmarking data and improvement opportunities. See an example here.

Close the deal

Invite lawyers, bankers, accountants, and advisors to your DealBuilder data-room. Need escrow support? DealBuilder is an official partner of Escrow.com.

More reasons why Brokers choose DealBuilder:

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1. Optimize your cash-flow

Struggling to pay your overhead costs while waiting for that 6-figure commission? We understand the struggle, which is why you only pay for DealBuilder when you get paid.

2. Get businesses to market faster

Buyer presentations require a lot of time and effort. While they are very important, they delay the listing of a business. Even worse, building buyer presentations distracts us from what makes us money - deal making.
By completing this work for you, DealBuilder allows you to focus on meeting more clients and negotiating more deals.

3. Automate your deal process and grow your brokerage

DealBuilder’s automated back office allows you to take-on more clients, without increasing overhead costs.
Another way to look at it - make the same amount of money working less hours. Sounds like a win in our book.

"Chinook Business Advisory is working with DealBuilder as its first business brokerage beta user. We have moved 100% of our engagements onto the DealBuilder platform so far and have received accolades from our clients for digital CIM presentations, ease of use, and standardization. We are finding the valuation component of the software to be accurate and easy to use. Our clients love the valuation report. Where we are really saving time and money is in the onboarding process. The team at DealBuilder is efficient and experienced and has proven effective at helping us onboard new clients quickly and effectively. We estimate that we will save between $40-60,000 in overhead this year due to the efficiencies DealBuilder brings to our 8 person advisory firm."

-Keith MacKenzie, Chinook Business Advisory

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 0.5% fee work? Is there a cap?

The 0.5% is only payable at deal closing. For example, DealBuilder receives $5,000 for a $1M deal. The 0.5% fee is capped at a maximum of $10,000 per deal (to save you the math that’s a $2M transaction). There is also a minimum fee of $1,000 per deal ($200,000 transaction).

Is DealBuilder a replacement to BizBuySell?

No, we actually see ourselves as a supplement to BizBuySell. While we have a strong (and growing) buyer pool, BizBuySell is still the best site for Main Street buyer marketing. That being said, we also offer lots of services BizBuySell does not (such as CIM writing, data rooms, buyer CRM, etc.).

Is DealBuilder a CRM?  

DealBuilder has a light-weight buyer CRM. Meaning, that you can view buyer profiles, contact information, and how many times they’ve viewed a deal. However, we do not replace all the functionality of a comprehensive CRM such as Hubspot or Pipedrive.

What happens to my buyer contacts?

Buyers are associated with each deal you bring onto the platform and associated with your account. Note: similar to other business-for-sale platforms, buyers are able to see other deals on the DealBuilder platform. However, we see this as more a benefit than a detriment, since this means you also get additional buyer exposure for your deals as the platform grows.

Can I refer deals to DealBuilder?

Yes! We provide a 20% referral fee for brokers who want to send deals that are too small, not a good fit, or in the wrong geographic area, to sell using our self-directed service.

Brokers can learn more + register as a referral partner here.

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