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Exit-Planning Software Built For Accountants

It’s time to make exit-planning accessible for clients. Leverage DealBuilder to prepare client valuations in minutes, offer free resources, and give your clients access to millions of buyers. All within the DealBuilder platform.

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How it works

Compatible with GIFI files, DealBuilder allows you to complete a client valuation in minutes.

Create an anonymous project

At no point does DealBuilder require your client's name or address. Instead, feel free to use your internal client file naming scheme.

Upload client GIFI file

Upload 5-years of balance sheet & income statement data in a single click using our GIFI file integration. It takes 15 seconds per client.

Normalize financial statements

  Once all the data is entered, it is time to calculate normalized cash-flow. DealBuilder will automatically calculate some of these on your behalf.  

Download client report

After normalizing the data, your report is ready to present to your client.

Review full valuation details

Our comprehensive report not only contains the business valuation, but industry benchmarking data and improvement opportunities. See an example here.

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"I wish my clients told me they were selling so I could have helped."

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Access market data from 40,000+ transactions

DealBuilder gives you instant access to a database of over 40,000 private business transactions. We leverage this data in our valuation model, which is based on the valuation methodology of the International Business Brokerage Association (IBBA).

Give your clients access to millions of potential buyers

DealBuilder is the most efficient marketplace for small business owners. Optimal for businesses doing up to $10M of revenue, DealBuilder gives your client a higher probability of success while ensuring you are kept in the loop.

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