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Skip the trial and error. Join the only exit-planning community of business owners sharing proven tactics to improve, grow, and prepare your business for transition.

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A community of owners growing their businesses and preparing for an eventual exit

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Every Community member is eligible for a free annual valuation. We calculate your business valuation using proprietary algorithms developed from the valuation methodology of the International Business Brokerage Association (IBBA).

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Using your valuation report as your guide, leverage the Community and exclusive resources to improve specific areas of business.

Learn from the best. Access a library of interviews from subject matter experts across a variety of industries.

Download e-books and exit planning guides. Post questions to the Community and get the answers to your burning questions.

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Track your results by regularly updating your business valuation.

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We help you build systems that will let your business run itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost to join the Community? What about the valuation report?

Joining and participating in the Community is 100% free and so is receiving your valuation. Our philosophy is that business owners can’t partake in exit–planning until they have a realistic understanding of what their business is worth.

We also want to make exit-planning accessible to all business owners, regardless of whether they sell with DealBuilder or not (although we hope you pick us).

I am worried about people finding out about my business identity? Is the group accessible to the public?

Nobody is able to join the DealBuilder Community without creating an account and submitting an application for our approval. After being approved, being a part of the Community can be completely anonymous if you would like to keep it that way. Other members cannot find or message within the group unless you decide to make your profile public. We are also happy to post anonymous questions on your behalf to the group.

What is an example of content within the Community?

We have completed interviews with marketing experts, bookkeepers, and CEOs. We have also filmed a series of videos on topics like optimizing your Cash Conversion Cycle, hiring employees, and making your business more presentable to buyers. Finally, we have published two guidebooks: #1 - The Urgent Exit Guidebook for owners looking to sell in 12 months or less. And #2 - Small Business Guide to Sales.

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